MILANO SUMO OPEN 2007 (30.09. ITA)Back

Opening ceremony


International referees/judges


Superorganizer Fausto


Sumofans Julia, Kalli,Anne


Byamba from Mongolia


Hans Borg from Norway


M.Palermo from Italy vs. R.Pizzinat from Switzerland


H.Samoila from Italy vs. P.Boz from Italy


Nicole Niemeier from Germany- winner of womens lightweight


Womens lightweight


F. Marcolina from Italy vs E. Kreeft from Holland


The final of womens middleweight Hanah Weerkamp and Evelien Kreeft from Holland


S.Siimar from Estonia vs S.Alexander from England


F. Harteveld from Holland vs.S.Alexander from England


G.Kallo from Hungary vs. S.Alexander from England


The winner of womens heavyweight - G. Kallo from Hungary


Womens heavyweight


Byambajav Ulambajar from Mongolia


S. Mäe from Estonia vs. T.Sabo from USA




T.Sabo from USA vs.J.Schnöll from Ausria


The final of mens lightweight


Awards of mens lightweight


T.Hijzen (HOL),T.Sabo(USA),P.Schmidt-Düwiger(GER),J.Schnöll (AUT)


The winner of mens lightweight - Peer Schmidt-Düwiger (GER)


D.Gianascio from Switzerland vs. D.Kobashigawa from USA




M.Frühwirt from Austria vs. M.Kraszewski from Poland


M.Kraszewski from Poland vs.L.Goldmann from Germany


S.Hussain from Holland vs. M. Kraszewski from Poland


Awards of mens middleweight in middleweight MarekKraszewski from Poland


R.Paczkow from Poland vs H. Borg from Norway


Final Byamba vs.Alsadi


Awards of mens heavyweight


Byamba, Czerwinski, Borg, Jaracz


The winner of mens heavyweight- Byambajav Ulambajar from Mongolia


B. Ulambayar from Mongolia vs. M. Frühwirt from Austria


J.Jaracz from Poland vs. H. Alsadi from Holland


H.Alsadi from Holland vs. B. Ulambajar from Mongolia


The final of mens open


Awards of Mens Open


The four big sumowrestlers


P.Boz from Italy vs. S. Siimar from Estonia


The final of women open


F.Harteveld (HOL) vs P.Boz (ITA)


F. Bannout (USA) vs.S.Alexander (ENG)


3. place in women Open Paola Boz (ITA) and S.Alexander (ENG)


Harteveld, Kallo, Boz, Alexander