First guests in Milano Open -Beate, Sven, Lutz, Paul and Suzi from Germany
Aziz from India
Our wonderful referees and judges

Vitagliani (ITA), Karim (NED), Rohtaas (EST), Irrnberger (AUT), Szakaly (HUN)

Neal (SVI), Toth-Gati (HUN), Palumbo (ITA), Szoladi (HUN), Rannikmaa (EST)
Women lightweight: Paola Boz-Justyna Murgala (POL)
C. Schnieders (GER)- N.Niemeier (GER)
C. Schnieders (GER)- J. Murgala (POL)
Women lightweight final: Boz (ITA)- Niemeier (GER)
Niemeier, Schnieders, Murgala, Boz
Awards-women lightweight in Milano Sumo Open 2008
The winner is Paola Boz from Italy
Women middleweight: N. Hehemann (GER)- A. Grinberg (ITA)
E. Mâe (EST)- M. Palermo (ITA)
N. Hehemann (GER)- Epp Mäe (EST)
The winner is Epp Mäe from Estonia
A. Caudollo and sumowrestler A. Grinberg from Judo Club Milano
Congratulations to Epp Mäe from Estonia
Women middleweight_Mäe, Hehemann, Palermo, Grinberg
Winner of women middleweight Epp Mäe from Estonia
Women heavyweight: F. Harteveld (NED)-M. Sang (EST)
G. Kallo (HUN)- E. Witkowska (POL)
M. Sang (EST)_S. Krzemien (POL)
E. Witkowska (POL)- S.Siimar (EST)
G. Kallo-S. Siimar
S. Krzemien-E. Witkowska
G. Kallo- F. Harteveld
Awarding-Siiri take memorymedal
Francoise 2. place in Milano Sumo Open 2008
Women heavyweight-Krzemien (POL), Harteveld (NED), Witkowska (POL)
The winner is Edyta Witkowska from Poland
Good Poland sumogirls
Women Open: Krzemien (POL)- Niemeier (GER)
Witkowska (POL)-Hehemann (GER)
Martina Palermo (ITA)- Siiri Siimar (EST)
Christina Schnieders (GER)- Alisa Grinberg (ITA)
Mille Sang (EST)- Paola Boz (ITA)
Siiri Siimar (EST)- Nicole Hehmann (GER)
Boz- Krzemien
Judge Maurizio Vitagliani from Judo Club Milano
Krzemiens power demonstration
Hehemann- Niemeier- fighting for
3. place in women open-Nicole Hehmann from Germany
Hehemann, Krzemien, Harteveld
The winner in women open-Edyta Witkowska from Poland
Women Open
1. place Edyta Witkowska
Siiri Siimar (EST)-Martina Palermo (ITA)
Mille won Paloa Boz
Estonian women team
Edyta win Christina
Edyta win also Siir
Epp and Sylvia
Poland women team
Martina and Christina in team competition
Epp and Nicole N.
Alisa and Sylvia- black and white
Justyna win Paola
Italian women team-
3. place-Germany sumo team
2. place-Estonian Sumo team
The winner is Poland Sumo team

All winners

Opening ceremony
12 countries in Milano Sumo Open 2008
Fausto meet all athletes
One cup to all countries
Mario Palermo (ITA)- Ischer Guillaume (SVI)
Nikolov (BUL)-Brinkmann (GER)
Uchi mata from Matthias Koch
Uchi mata from Matthias Koch
Boulahyan (NED) - Nikolov (BUL)
Koch (GER)-Cabral (FRA)
Pieter Vroon (NED)- Ischer Guillaume (SVI)
Vroon win by pushing
Hijzen (NED)-Graef (GER)
Mäe (EST)- Nikolov (BUL)
Schnölls special tecnique
Uchi mata from Matthias Koch
Hard final for Schnöll (AUT)-Nikolov (BUL)
Men lightweight (GER) and Hijzen (NED)
2. place - Josef Schnoll from Austria and Nikolay Nikolov from Bulgaria
First match- Kraszewsky (POL)- Kohv (EST)
Aziz from India meet Frühwirt from Austria
de Wit (NED)- Capogrosso (ITA)
Scarci from Italy
Kraszewski (POL)-Ferretti (ITA)
Kraszewski and not more Ferretti
Rozum (POL) push de Wit (NED)
Alkapechi (NED) in action
Wonderful trow
Mawashi trow
Indrek Kohv win
Marcin make judotecnique
Annette Juenemann from Norway is judge
Klanyi (HUN) and Kohv (EST) fight for
Final-Kraszewski (POL)- Rozum (POL)
de Wit, Kohv (, Kraszewski (, Rozum (
Marcin Rozum is the winner
Epiro (ITA)-Földesi (HUN) start hardly
Wonderful start from Hans Borg (NOR)
Prünster (AUT)- Hristov (BUL)
Ivanov (BUL) submit Palermo (ITA)
Stoyanov (BUL) push out Földesi (HUN)
Alsadi (NED)-Ivabnov (BUL)
Jarasz s(POL) utchari
Höövelson win by pushing
Stoyanov go to final
Ivanov win repercharge
The grand final-Stoyanov (BUL)- Alsadi (NED)
2 giant in final
Men heavyweight
Back heavyweight
Congratulation to the winner Stoyanov
Good friends-Fausto and Petar
Alsadi and Stoyanov
Hristov, Ivanov (, Alsadi (, Stoyanov (
Something to drink
The winner is Petar Stoyanov from Bulgaria
Our wonderful referees
Something for all
Something also to Annette
12 referees from all the world
Start of men Open
Jerjis Alkapechi (NED)
Ferretti with Aziz from India
Someone win, someone loose
Scarci win by pushing
Klanyi good position, Capogrosso little bit less
Rozum and Alsadi jump together
Borg only push
..and win
Epiro win pulling
and trowing
....with special sumoface
Is not so easy to pick up Alsadi
Final of Open category
Caudullo make awarding
Alsadi , Borg (, Ivanov ( Stoyanov (BUL)
Men Open-Athletes with prizes
Scarci (ITA)-Boulahyan (NED) in team competition
Jarasz (POL)-Brinkmann (GER)
Marek trow someone
Marcin too
Hristov -Höövelson in action
Estonian men team
Ko uchi gari
Poland sumo team
Netherlands and Hunagry
Bulgarian Sumo Team
The winner is Poland Sumo Team
...with Justyna Murgala
Fausto is the speaker
The tournament is over
Afterparty in Moby Dick restaurant
Bulgarian Team on party
Netherlands team wait for dancemusic
Maurizio and Filippo-Milanos musicmen
Our friends Anne, Aziz and smiling Malle
Poland team on party
Borg in action
Nicole and Suzi from Germany
Haitham and Jacek are friends
also with Lutz and Paul
Marzio and Grazia smiling
Austria team on party
Malle and Mille
Lutz and Fausto
Big Haitham with little Malle
Fausto is happy
Kairi with his boyfriend
Milano Sumo Open train
Siiri Siimar is one passenger in train
also Stefano, Philipp, Sven........
Mille in action
Riho too
Our friend Filippo in action
Also referees are friends with all
Marek and Zoltan try.............
Mille and Anne
Yvonne, Arno, Mario and Fausto
Sven and Fausto
Someone pick up Malle
Fausto is not single on the party
Laszlo, Anna, Fausto and Kairi
Marcin make pictures about what?
Aziz, Jacek and Fausto
Fausto and Stefano
Kalli and Marcin
Polon is friend with Borg
Janos and Nicole on party
Annette take order from Laszlo
Filippos first kiss
Aziz from India
Jerjis is partyman
Annette is very popular in India and Italy
Young boys have much fan
Fausto with sumoboys
and also with one sumogirl
Aziz and Maurizio
Aziz and Anne
Hans try Giusy
Annette with Enzo
Fausto and Marcin
Wild bunch
Flavio with Mem
Laszlo and Enzo
New hot love in Milano Sumo Open
Love is always new