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Sumo culture is very interesting also for occidental world and, to permit to all to make training and fight in this way, we have different rules that let sumo be SPORT.
 Sumo Sport have international federation (International Sumo Federation and European Federation of Sumo).
It is a way of fighting “body to body”: two wrestlers, called “Sumotori”, fight in a circular area of  4.55 meters of  diameter, called “dohyo”.



Who touch the ground with one part of the body that is not the sole (of foot) or go out from Dohyo will be the looser.
During the match is allowed the use of legs and arms to push, pull and throw the opponent.
 Are not allowed strokes that can be bad for the health of sumotori: with head, on genitals, bites, nudges, strokes with closed hand or given from up to down..
Fight is directed by a central referee (Gyoji)

with the help of 4 judges (one for cardinal point) and a timekeeper. Time of the match is 3 minutes, but usually it finish in few seconds.
Categories are good to give the same opportunity of victory to all fighters.

Weight categories for senior class are these:


  • Up to 85 Kg
  • From 86 Kg to 115 Kg
  • Over 115 Kg
  • Open (without limits)


  • Up to 65 Kg
  • From 66 Kg to 80 Kg
  • Over 80 Kg
  • Open (without limits)

To see a fight of open category is very spectacular and make you think to traditional sumo.
A sumo wrestler fight wearing only “mawashi”: a very long and resistant belt, that turn many times around his body and is a good point to catch the opponent. 
For women is allowed the use of a leotard to wear under mawashi.


As in all other japanese martial arts the respect for the opponent is very important: in this meaning SUMO SPORT is same as professional sumo.
Sumo Sport is not only a way of fight: is good also as a practice for young and old peoples that want make training with a contact sport and want know more and more how mind and body can be used with harmony.
As in all other sports, doing training of sumo sport, you can express yourself knowing you strength and learn to be always fair.








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